Friday, October 7, 2016

Step by step guide for Facebook lead ads

Lead generation is one of the most important objectives for a modern business. Today, even though lead generation may happen through different channels, the rise of digital technologies has transferred this concept almost entirely online. Facebook realized the potential that lead generating ads have and developed a more elegant alternative to website pop-ups – Facebook lead ads.

Marketers are aware of the benefits of lead generation, but they also know how challenging it is. According to the recent study 67% of marketers reported finding high-quality leads problematic. In fact, it was the highest-rated problem for some major companies.

However, a lot of these problems could be avoided. Extensive research and use of appropriate channels will ensure less time and budget spent with high-quality results. Facebook lead ads are now a proven way to find some high-quality leads for your business.

Step by step guide:

1. Log into you’re your Facebook ads account

2. Click on the button titled - Create new campaign

3. Choose the option Collect leads for your business, enter the name for your new campaign and click on the button - Continue

4. Select your page, choose an audience (if you have a saved audience) or create an audience

5. Choose the placement type you feel most comfortable with (automatic placements are recommended)

6. Define a budget for the campaign

7. Select the option titled - Optimize for leads

8. Choose Standard delivery type and click on the button - Continue

9. For your first time, choose the option with the single image

10. Add an image (either browse old ones or upload a new one)

11. Call to action should be – Sign up

12. Fill in all of the text fields in order to make your ad look bigger and less spammy

13. Choose an existing or create a new lead form


How to create a new lead form

  • Click on the button - Create lead form
  • Name your form and choose the form’s language
  • Provide a link and a text description to your website’s privacy policy
  • Provide a link for the website’s thank you page  
  • Check everything and confirm for the last time

14. Check everything in the campaign once again and submit your order

Congratulations, you have created your first lead ad!

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