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Pinterest and Instagram for business

Instagram is Facebook owned social network based on sharing photos and videos. It is primarily a smartphone application, although a desktop version is also available. However, you cannot upload content via your desktop computer.

There are around 400 million users on Instagram (according to, about four times less than Facebook. However, Instagram has the highest engagement rates and is the best social network for brand building.

The research shows that engagements on Instagram are pretty constant throughout the week, but Monday might be the day when your post will get the most reach. On Instagram, posting just once a day is quite enough, but for maximum results, experts advise two posts every day.

Instagram doesn’t allow adding links in the description, that is, you can paste the URL, but it would not be clickable. However, the links can be added in the bio section. Professionals usually go around this problem by placing a short call-to-action, for example “check the link in the bio for more info”.

You can post videos on Instagram, but their length is limited, and can be 3 to 60 seconds long. On the other hand, posting gifs is not supported, but if you convert it to an mp4 file, and then you upload it to Instagram.

Don’t forget to include hashtags to every post, 2 or 3 should be enough, but you should go up to 10. It’s also advisable to share a photo from real life every now and then, not just photos promoting your brand. Be very careful when doing that, you should still be aware that this is not your personal account.

This platform is especially great for types of businesses that can be advertised well using photos. Photographers, restaurants, businesses selling tangible goods, etc., would benefit a great deal by showcasing their products on Instagram.

If you have an active Facebook Ad or Business Facebook account you can promote your brand, business or store on Instagram using paid ads. Instagram gives you an opportunity to inexpensively advertise your business, but on the other hand is the advertising platform with a lowest conversion rate.

Pinterest is another image-based network, but unlike Instagram, Pinterest is more interest-oriented. It serves like an online memo board where you can “pin” the things that interest you or serve as an idea for do-it-yourself.

You can create many different boards with many different interests and make your account organized – from your ideal vacation locations to your favorite clothes designs for the season.

Pinterest values esthetics and it’s very important that the images you pin are visually appealing.

If you are a florist, a designer, a hairdresser, a baker, a photographer, even a carpenter, you would gain a lot by having a Pinterest account. As a business owner, you can use it to showcase your product.

First and foremost, don’t try to sell anything on Pinterest. Think of it as a free marketing catalogue for your brand. If people are interested in buying what you have to offer, they will find you on other channels.

You can incorporate Pinterest plugin into your website, thus making it easier for Pinterest users to pin images from your website. However, this not only helps Pinterest users, it can also help business owners with their SEO. By pinning images from your website to your own Pinterest account, instead of uploading images directly to Pinterest, you are generating a backlink from a well-known, reputable source to your website

As with any other social network, you should pay attention to the keywords you use. Think hard of your board names and what you will put in their description. This will help with Pinterest’s internal search, but with Google search as well, generating you more organic traffic. From our experience, Pinterest is not a social media network that should be taken for granted. We have audited several websites that had more traffic from Pinterest than from Google and Facebook combined. Pinterest traffic could lead to a higher conversion rate. You just need to have a strong and unique visual identity. 

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