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Conversion Rate Expert’s Landing Page Checklist that contains best practice advices from more than 150 internet marketing campaigns

Before you even start planning your landing pages, here are several ground rules:

  • One landing page per campaign – Make sure that you create separate landing pages for each campaign.
  • Limit your offers – Promote your offers as they are limited and create a feeling of rush and urgency with your words. If you are promoting an event, always show a number of people that have signed up.
  • Create a preview of your offer – If possible, allow a look at a few pages or a preview of some sort.
  • Add contact information to your page – If your visitor has any doubts, he/she needs to be able to contact you via email or by phone.
  • Make sure that your landing page is mobile friendly – There is no need to explain this rule. As of this year, mobile users have surpassed the desktop users on the internet.

After you make sure that your landing page is compliant with all of the rules above, you should move on to our checklist that is based on our best practices from more than 150 internet marketing campaigns.

The Checklist:

Create a straightforward headline – Use simple language, think of user’s needs and focus on the benefits.

Be concise – Make sure that the rest of your text matches the headline.

Show them what is unique - Make sure that you put an emphasis on the unique values of your offer in order to keep the visitor interested in your offer.

Show them the solution – Visitors come to your landing page because they need a solution for their problem. Use concise text mixed with visual aids to show them that your offer holds the answer to their problems.

Sell them the dream – Go past the solution and show your visitors that your offer has depth and that overall benefits have a long term effect. Point on every benefit that you can think of, but be aware that everything needs to be 100% true.

Add testimonials and references – Including testimonials and references increases the conversion rate up to 11%.

Spend some time on the button design – But make sure that you don’t waste weeks on this. Do your research, test some solutions and don’t be one of those people who thinks that the CRO is all about the button and button color. Button design is important, but far from being crucial.

Write a powerful call-to-action – Instead of focusing on button shades too much, you should focus on creating a powerful call-to-action. Give your visitors the confidence to buy, show them the benefits again and make sure that you use at least one power word.

Direct attention to the call-to-action - Use visual cues and make sure that you remove all of the distractions.

Track your conversion rate with Google Analytics - The best way to do this is to create a personalized Google Analytics Dashboard.

Now you have the tools to create an effective landing page. Make sure that you make the most of this list and start converting more. 

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Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate
- The number of sales of a product compared to the number of people who visit a website to look at that product, or to the number of phone calls or sales visits that are made. (Cambridge dictionary)

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