Sunday, September 4, 2016

AdWords Checklist for higher conversion rate

After years of practice and experience we've created a short but very useful AdWords Checklist that should be the backbone of every of your AdWords campaign. Just follow these guidelines and you are on your way to maximize your conversions.

1. Target The Right Audience

In case your business requires local advertisement, then make sure that your ads are configured to only show up for local searches. This will save you money because it wont show your ad to people who may be searching for similar services or products, but might just be too far away to be of any value to you and your business. You can use the radius targeting, exclude locations and even pick a neighborhood whose residents will receive different ads that the rest of the targeted locations.

2. Do Not Use Both Search and Display Network Campaign

If your campaigns are targeting the search network as well as the display network, split them into two separate campaigns so they dont interfere with one another. Best practices show us that search campaigns should be managed separately from display campaigns.

3. Optimize For Mobile

First, make sure that your website is mobile friendly. Considering the fact that mobile searches now outweigh desktop searches, make sure that your campaigns are compatible with all devices in every single way. Create several ads just for mobile users, and if applicable, use call only ads.

4. Use Negative Keywords

If you are limited by budget, this option will come in handy. Just take your time and think of every word or word combination that might resolve in bad click (click that was wasted because the person was searching for a specific type of offer/information). For example, if you have an ecommerce store, your first negative keyword would be free.

5. Use Less Than 17 Keywords Per Ad Group

If your ad groups consist of more than 17 keywords, try breaking them down into smaller groups so that they become more focused on a specific topic. This will allow you to craft better ads and direct your customers to appropriate landing pages easily.

6. Create Less Than Four Ads For One Ad Group

Create up to four ads per ad group and youll be able to test the ads against each other to continually optimize them and tweak them according to the data youll be collecting. Make sure that you test different types of ads (text, dynamic search ads, etc.).

7. Add Call-To-Action

Make sure to carefully craft your ads to suit each advertising topic. By specifying each topic youll be able to carefully target the right audience group and save money on incompatible visitors. Use power words in order to persuade people with queries, that your website holds an answer.

8. Use Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions are additional information about your business, product or service that you can integrate within your ad (for free. And if used, ad extensions even give you the edge over competitors. This means that if you use more ad extensions, your ads will be higher ranked in the results.

 9. Conduct A Split Test
AdWords even has an option that is called Experiment. This option allows you to make changes to your ads and ad groups and track which option has a better conversion rate. You can also do this manually, and duplicate ad groups before making changes to one of them. Use peel and stick method in order to make a better ad and ad with higher conversion rate.

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Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate
- The number of sales of a product compared to the number of people who visit a website to look at that product, or to the number of phone calls or sales visits that are made. (Cambridge dictionary)

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