Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ad extensions - Google AdWords tricks and tips

Ad extensions give you the option of adding extra pieces of information to your ad. These extra parts of the ads don’t cost a single penny, but give you the edge over your competition and make your ad appear on the top of the page. The point of adding this extra information in the form of ad extensions is to make your ad stand out among others, which will lower your cost per click and boost your conversion rates. Ad extensions are divided into manual and automated extensions.

- Manual Extensions:

App Extension – Ad extension tailored for app promotion purposes. This extension consists of link under your ad text that begins downloading your app or sends visitors directly to the app store.

Call Extension – This extension creates a call button as a part of the ad and show it to mobile users. This allows users who search Google via mobile phone to click on a button and give you a phone call. According to statistics, phone numbers can increase CTR from 7-9%. If your business can benefit from phone calls, you definitely want to use this extension.

Location Extension - Very useful extension. Using location extensions you can promote the location of your business that the closest to the person who is conducting a search. It helps people find your nearest storefront by showing them your address, phone number and a map marker.

Review Extension – A neat option that allows you to add third-party reviews to your ad. It should come from a third-party site that’s already well known, in order to be approved by Google. If you have a business that relies on reviews, you should definitely use this option in your ads.

Sitelink Extension – If you want to make your ad look bigger and to promote the most important pages on your website, then this extension is a must have.  Sitelink extension allows you to show additional links to your website under your regular ad text. For example, if you’re you have a web store, your sitelink extension might be “Special Offer” or “On Sale” or “Bundle”.

Callout Extension – Using this ad extension, you can add more text to your ad. This text is not clickable, but it makes your ad look bigger, and you can use it to talk about special offers or features that make your product / service stand out.  

- Automated Extensions

Extensions that run from some sort of script or a code snippet. This allows Google to customize the ad in order to attract the user who will create a conversion on your website.

Types of automated extensions are:
Consumer ratings
Previous visits
Dynamic structured snippets
Seller ratings

These extensions are free to use, and they can make a huge difference in your campaign. 

Use every extension that makes sense for your business and see how your conversions start to increase. 

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Conversion Rate
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