Wednesday, September 21, 2016

10 usability tricks & tips that will improve your conversion rate

1) Manipulate the content of your website so that the things that you want your visitors to see are obvious from the moment the page loads.

2) Identify which elements on your page are useless, not working and are just not adding value. Get rid of them.

3) Your layout should match the hierarchy of the information you’re displaying on your page. Always try to make your layout as simple as possible. You can use links or a more discrete font to hide detailed information so that your overall layout isn’t overwhelming.

4) Divide your products and services into categories and sort them by their popularity.

5) Create a list of your, overall, most popular items – people tend to trust other people’s choices and are more likely to buy something that others have bought.

6) Don’t be afraid to change your navigation structures entirely. Create an A/B test and try some other structure that makes more sense to you.

7) Try different images. The most successful ones, when it comes to increasing sales are those that contain your product, customers using your product 
or satisfied customers holding it.

8) Don’t take captions lightly! Visitors never fail to read captions under images.

9) Consider having multiple calls-to-action if your page is long and requires visitors to scroll several times.

10) When creating long pages on your website, you should resist the temptation to put “false bottoms” which make visitors believe that they have reached the end of the page

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Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate
- The number of sales of a product compared to the number of people who visit a website to look at that product, or to the number of phone calls or sales visits that are made. (Cambridge dictionary)

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